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Capitalism Revisited: A two day event on Responsible Capitalism (September 15-16)

This event is co-organised by Assonime (The Association of Italian Public Companies), Bocconi University, the European Corporate Governance Institute (ECGI) and the European Corporate Governance Research Foundation (ECGRF). It is part of the multi-year ECGI project on Responsible Capitalism that was launched earlier in 2022.  

The first day, "Responsible Enterprise", will be held at Borsa Italiana, Milan. The second day, "Responsible Investment", will take place at Bocconi University.

The event on September 16th at Bocconi will feature academic presentations on responsible investing from leading scholars in economics, finance, law, and other disciplines. The studies will explore topics such as the motivations of responsible investors, the real impact of responsible investing strategies on firms’ ESG policies, ESG disclosure, and investors’ engagement, among others. 

The afternoon will feature the ECGI General Assembly Meeting, the award of the two Working Paper Prizes and the distinguished 2022 Wallenberg Lecture

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