Enrico Basile

I am Assistant Professor of Criminal Law and White-Collar Crime. I graduated cum laude from the Università di Messina School of Law, I was visiting scholar at the Louisiana State University (USA) and at the University of the West of England (UK), undertaking also study stays at the IALS of the University of London (UK) and the London School of Economics (UK). I obtained a Ph.D. in Law&Business from the Università Bocconi, where I was a research fellow in Criminal Law too. I practices the legal profession as criminal counsel (barrister before the Supreme Courts) focusing on financial crime, bribery, market abuse, bankruptcy and tax offences.

Assistant Professor
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I am currently carrying out research on human rights and business misconduct, looking for the most suitable (criminal) policy options to deal with this matter. I am also focusing on market abuse at a supranational (i.e. EU) and domestic level.

Research interests
  • Economic and Financial Crime
  • White-Collar Crime
  • Complicity and Conspiracy-type Offenses
  • Human Rights
  • International Criminal Law

My courses are based on interactivity with students, trying to stimulate their critical thinking. Both in the (semi-)compulsory and elective courses I teach, participation during lectures/classes and assign a groupwork as part of the evaluation process is strongly encouraged.