Simone Lonati

foto prof. Lonati

I was born in Brescia on August 21st, 1973.

I am Associate Professor of criminal procedure at Bocconi University where he teaches Italian criminal procedure and European criminal procedure. I also teache at the Postgraduate Specialization School for Legal Professions at Bocconi and Pavia Universities.

I am author of two monographs, of a number of contributions to collective volumes and of numerous articles appearing in both Italian and International legal journals.

I have obtained the Excellence in Research Award from Bocconi University in 2013.

Associate Professor

M. Ceresa-Gastaldo, S. Lonati (eds), Profili di procedura penale europea, Giuffrè, 2021.

This upcoming volume aims at an ambitious goal: offering a systematic analysis of the European principles in the criminal procedure area, not limited to their theoretical affirmation but extended to their practical functioning and their concrete effects on the Italian legal system.

Research interests

My work and research agenda focuses on the protections and guarantees granted to individuals and legal entities under investigation or charged with a criminal offence under Italian and European law. The crucial issue in this area of criminal procedure concerns the balance between the effectiveness and efficiency of criminal prosecution and the rights of the defendant, which are often enshrined in constitutional rules or international treaties.

In particular, my research activity explores two major issues: 1) Italian criminal procedure (precautionary measures, evidence, and appeal procedures); 2) European criminal procedure (European Convention on Human Rights, relations between the Italian criminal legal system and the system of the European Convention, supranational dimension of the criminal procedure legal mechanisms, international judicial cooperation).

Selected Publications

Over the course of his academic career, I have taught four different courses: Criminal procedure - Module I; Criminal procedure - Module II; European criminal procedure; Legal Drafting.

Since 2013 I have also been collaborating as teacher, teaching assistant and tutor in the course of Criminal Procedure II at the Bocconi University and University of Pavia’s School of Specialisation for legal professions.

Periodically, I have also given lectures at prestigious academic institutions nationwide.