Oreste Pollicino

I am full Professor of Constitutional Law in Bocconi. I also teach the courses on GDPR, Media Law, Internet Law and I am the Director of the LLM in Law of Internet Technologies in Bocconi University. I am Honest Broker appointed by the European Commission for the negotiation on the ‘European code of practice on disinformation’; I am also Member of the Executive Board, European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, Vienna; Board Member of the Digital Library, Ministry of Culture; Member of the European Commission Sounding Board of the Multistakeholder in the fight against online disinformation; Participant to the Conseil of Europe Ad Hoc Committee on Artificial Intelligence (CAHAI); Italian member of the OECD Global Partneship on Artificial Intelligence.

Full Professor
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A new monograph has been recently published: Judicial Protection of Fundamental Rights in Internet. A Road Towards Digital Constitutionalism?, Hart Publishing, 2021; I also edited with G.E. Vigevani, M. Bassini, M. Cuniberti, C. Melzi d’Eril), Diritto dell'informazione e dei media, III edition, 2022; and with R. Adorno, M. Ienca, L. Liguori, E. Stefanini), The Cambridge Handbook of Life Sciences, Information Technology and Human Rights, Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2022.

Research interests

My research is focused on Constitutional Law and cross-cut the issues of the digital age, looking at the delicate relationship between public and private actors and how this impacts with the exercise and the protection of fundamental rights. My research has centred on

1) European and Comparative Constitutional Law;

2) Digital Constitutional Law;

3) Media Law;

4) Internet Law,

5) Life Science Law;

6) Law and Cinema