Francesco Mucciarelli

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I was born in 1952, Senior Professor of Criminal Law since 1st November 2022. Previously, associate professor of criminal law at Bocconi University. Reader at the SSSUP Sant’Anna of Pisa; Università Statale di Milano; Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore; and Scuola Superiore della Magistratura. I am the author of over one hundred publications in various areas of economic criminal law and in some domains related to the general part of criminal law. I also practice the legal profession in the area of economic criminal law, engaging in significant cases of bankruptcy, tax, banking, corporate, protection of financial markets and bribery, as well as environmental protection, industrial accidents and disasters.

Senior Professor
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Research interests

My research interests revolve around economic crime, focusing on older offenses (like bankruptcy crimes) as well as new types of misconduct (like market abuse or corporate criminal liability). I’ve also studied general part topics like criminal negligence and causation.

I teach a course on financial/economic crime in the Italian legal system and one on the special part of the Italian criminal code (offences against property, corruption/bribery, organized crime).