Emanuele Lucchini Guastalla

foto Prof. Lucchini

I am a Full Professor of Private Law at Bocconi University where I was also the Director of the Integrated Master of Arts in Law from 2006 to 2013.

I was visiting professor in several universities, including the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), (Argentina) and Esade Law School (Ramon Llull University), (Barcelona, Spain).

Appointed by the Bank of Italy, I am President of the Panel of Turin of Arbitro Bancario Finanziario (ABF).

I am a lawyer and a member of the Board of Directors of Morgan Stanley SGR S.p.A.

In 1989 I graduated in Law summa cum laude at University of Milan.            

Full Professor
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Research interests

My research interests are in the fields of Contract Law, Tort Law, Inheritance Law, Family Law and Arbitration.

In 2017 I received the ESADE Alumni Law Club’s Aptíssimi Award in the "Excelencia Académica" category. The prize is awarded each year by a jury composed by ESADE's faculty of law to a foreign professor who has distinguished himself for his career achievements.


In 2012 I received “Excelence Research Award” assigned by Bocconi University.

I was the Principal Investigator of Progetto MIUR 2008 “Le fonti non legislative dei contratti”.

I was also a member of the Research Project “Evoluzione dei rapporti tra compagnie di assicurazione e reti agenziali” held by NEWFIN (Research Center for Financial Innovation of Bocconi University), 1995.

I received several Teaching Awards assigned by Bocconi University (for academic years 2018-2019; 2012-2013; 2010-2011; 2008-2009).

I was awarded as the Best Professor (for mandatory courses) of the School of Law of Bocconi University (academic year 2007-2008).