Cinquanta sfumature di... negazionismo da Coronavirus


The article examines the Covid-19 pandemic denial endorsed by the governments of some states, such as the US, Brazil, China, Belarus, Nicaragua, Turkmenistan and North Korea. In particular, it discuss the viability of qualifying the Covid-19 denial as a proper denial, on the lines of the Holocaust denial. Some significant differences the can be identified, mainly with respect to: the object of the denial, the subject denying, the simultaneousness of the happening of the event and of its denial, the good to be protected and the system of remedies. However, the Covid-19 pandemic denial replicates the same pattern as the other examples of denial, putting in jeopardy goods that are to be protected by the legal system. Finally, a particular attention is devoted to instrument that can be implemented in order to sanction the Covid-19 pandemic negationism.