The Americanization of the Italian Civil Proceedings

On May 11, 2023, the Department of Legal Studies at Bocconi University hosted a discussion featuring Prof. Helen Hershkoff, a distinguished scholar in Constitutional Law and Civil Procedure and Professor of Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties at New York University School of Law. The event, titled "The Americanization of the Italian Civil Proceedings?", brought together Prof. Helen Hershkoff, Prof. Cesare Cavallini, and Prof. Marcello Gaboardi to discuss the concept of "Americanization" in legal studies and in the practice of law,and examine its implications in the context of the 2022 Reform of the Italian Civil Procedure. The speakers’ contributions inspired a lively debate among the participants on the fundamental principles to be preserved by a civil procedural model that aims to safeguard a sound administration of justice.